All small groups meet at 9:45 a.m. on Sunday at First Baptist Winter Garden.

To truly find your place at First Baptist you need to become a part of our Small Groups. Scan the descriptions below and see which one feels like home to you.



College & Career

Group Type: Singles still in college or young 20’s starting a career

Ages: young 20’s

Group Leader: Stephen Van Bever

Leader Contact:

Location: Room B209

Further Description:  We enjoy studying the Word on Sunday mornings and we also love getting together during the week. We gather on Wednesday nights for worship, Bible study, and fellowship. Look for Garden Worship coming soon on Tuesday nights.

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Nearly/Newly Wed Group

Group Type: Almost Married AND Newly Married Couples

Ages: 20’s

Group Leaders: Chris and Caitlin Gonzales

Leader Contact:

Location: Room B213

Further Description:


Homebuilders – The Next Generation

Group Type: young professionals, starting careers and families

Ages: couples late 20’s to early 40’s

Group Leaders:  Josh Grosshans, Ronny Edwards

Leader Contact:

Location: Fellowship Hall

Further Description:  We are just starting careers and families. We love studying the Word together but we  also love getting together to eat, shop, play basketball, and just hang out. We like applying the Word through topical studies.



Bales Small Group

Group Type:

Ages: 30’s and 40’s

Group Leader: Brad Bales

Leader Contact:

Location: Room D201

Further Description:  Desiring to engage with others in your life journey? Wanting to explore God’s Word to discover the practical application of eternal principles to your daily life?

Join us Sunday mornings to study Scripture together, share our insights with each other, and discuss how we will apply them to our lives today and the rest of the week.

This may be the small group for you if you:
1. Are open to hearing the truth from God’s Word;
2. Value dialogue to explore how the truth applies to your current (or previous) season of life; and,
3. Desire to cultivate meaningful relationships with other flawed people experiencing grace and mercy from a perfect Savior.

Family Matters

Group Type: Couples

Ages: Coed 40’s and 50’s

Group Leader: Rob Hensley

Leader Contact:

Location: Room D202/204

Further Description: Our group deals with the biblical perspective of family matters. We are learning tools to lead our children to adulthood, to what grace can do for our marriages. As a class, we walk through family life issues together.


Allen Ladies Group

Group Type: Ladies only

Ages: Ladies 40’s to 50’s

Group Leader: Karen Allen

Leader Contact:

Location: Room B214

Further Description:  This group of ladies have a hold on to the Word and get together on Sunday mornings to share and learn more. Most have teenagers. They welcome other ladies to join them at anytime.


The Agape Group

Group Type: All welcome (see further description section)

Ages: Couples and individuals in 50’s – 60’s

Group Leader: Joe Nunes

Leader Contact:

Location: Library

Further Description:  Our class welcomes all those who are seeking a deeper understanding of what it means to follow Christ in an atmosphere of Christian love and fellowship. While we are a class of primarily middle-aged empty nesters, we have and welcome both married couples and single men and women of all ages. We cover a multitude of topics in a variety of formats, from topical study series to video learning series, but always solidly based in a Biblical context. We believe in studying together as well as having active social interaction throughout the year and enjoying a variety of activities, which gives us an opportunity to get to know each other in a more meaningful way.


The Women of Faith

Group Type: Women of all ages

Ages: Any

Group Leader: Linda Myers

Leader Contact:

Location: Room D206

Further DescriptionThis class is for women of all ages.

Young women are blessed as mature Christians share their wisdom and life experiences.

Mature women are blessed as young women bring enthusiasm, energy, excitement and challenging questions.

Together we GROW in God’s Word.


MATURE ADULT SMALL GROUPS                                                   

65 Over 65 Class

Group Type: Individuals and Couples in retirement years

Ages: 60’s + (Retired age)

Group Leader: Paul Gordon

Leader Contact:

Location: MPR (Multi-Purpose Room)

Further Description:  We are a large class with a wide age range, both married and single, but most of us are in our retirement years. We like each other so much that we also love to get together one time a month for outings. We study the Bible a book



True Oldies But Goodies Class

Group Type: Individuals and Couples 70’s +

Ages: 70’s and 80’s

Group Leader: Dave Pleasant

Leader Contact:

Location: Room D101

Further Description:  Our class consists of mellowed couples (some come without spouses) from 70 to 80+ years young. We always have fun before class starts and at our socials. We love to study the Bible and do it by sharing our experience and knowledge with each other as we use our lesson guide. Praying for each other’s needs is a main stay in our class. We are having fun in the Spirit of our Lord and loving it!


Christian Companions

Group Type: Ladies

Ages: Ladies 75-95

Group Leader: Sarah Cone

Leader Contact:

Location: Room A005

Further Description:  Ladies who care for each other, have fun together, whether it is at one of their homes for lunch, going out to lunch, singing for the homebound, making lap robes for the nursing home, or working on a mission project. We like to study the Word a book at a time.