Stephen Van Bever - Winter Garden's First Baptist Church

Stephen Van Bever

Family & Roots

Both my wife and I were born in Florida, raised in Florida, and have lived in Florida all our lives with the exception of a three-year stay in North Carolina. Apparently, it’s cold in North Carolina more than six days a year, so we came back. My wife, Kristin, and I have two exquisite children: Cooper and Lucy.


From the time I was born, my parents taught me about Jesus and what a relationship with Him looks like. When I was in elementary school, I finally understood that I needed forgiveness and salvation and I knew where to turn. Over the decades that followed, God has continued to reveal himself more to me and I have continued to commit more and more to him. Listening and following the Lord is one of my greatest joys, and encouraging others to do the same is a passion of mine.

More About Me…

What do I enjoy doing in my spare time? 

I mostly like to research stuff. Bizarre new ideas, theology, the economy, all sorts of things. I enjoy sports (Go Gators!) and occasionally video games, but even there, I enjoy the research more than the game itself. I’m sort of a nerd.

Favorite places to eat? 

Taco Bell. No question. Well, Yellow Dog Café has the best food, but as the old saying goes, “Taco Bell is where the heart is.”

Ideal vacation spots? 

If I want to get away, it’s the mountains. If I’m vacationing to see something new, it would be someplace with old culture and architecture, probably in Europe (I’ve never been, but the postcards look nice).

Hidden talents? 

I can survive off of burritos and Mountain Dew for extended periods of time. Also, I can say the alphabet backward faster than I can say it forward (Backstory: back in the days when AOL sent CDs in the mail with free internet time, I used one to go to Nickelodeon’s webpage. The loading page had the alphabet backward on it and told me to learn it while I waited. Naturally, I accepted the challenge. It took so long to load, that I learned the alphabet backward and the rest is history).