Tim Grosshans - Winter Garden's First Baptist Church

Tim Grosshans

Tim Grosshans
Senior Pastor

Have You Met Pastor Tim yet?

Here is what some have said about Him:

“He is a catalyst for getting the right things done at the right time,
in the right way, for lasting results.”

“He is a great communicator, leader, pastor and motivator.”

“He is very creative. He enjoys painting outside the lines, and, while doing so, tries not to turn over the apple cart.”

“He is a dynamic leader, yet of remarkable genteel and amazing in his ability to minister to and with all people.”

“Tim respects what has been accomplished but never slows down in setting a pace for a successful future!”

“God has powerfully used Tim’s ministry to help equip leadership and church members.”

He was born in Central City, Nebraska, so he’s a cornhusker for sure but his favorite team is now is the Foundation Lions. He went to Dickinson State College in Dickinson, North Dakota, intending to be a medical missionary for God. He graduated with a double major BA degree in Chemistry and Biology BUT GOD had a different ministry for him. He graduated from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1979 with a Master of Religious Education degree.

For 30 years he has brought focus into the lives of others. Graduating from college with a double major in Chemistry and Biology explains his analytical approach and a Masters Degree in Education explains his ability to help others make the necessary connections for success. He and Carol were married on September 4, 1976.

Carol, an educational expert in her own right, is an Elementary School Principal.

They have five children: Joshua, an attorney; John, president of Open Box Media Group; James, a high school teacher; Joy, an event planner; and Faith, in college. His daughters-in-law are Jamie, is also an attorney and she and Joshua have two children, Avery and Jack, Sheena who works with Habitat for Humanity and Lindsey who is an event planner at Disney.

My salvation experience: I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ at the age of 15 and immediately became involved in personal evangelism and street witnessing. I have spent my entire Christian life seeking to be involved in churches where evangelism was a priority. My true spiritual gift is Exhortation or Encouragement and I use this gift to motivate and challenge people to serve Christ. I am tender-hearted and easily emotional about Christ’s love and sacrifice for me. My desire for souls to come to Christ has changed my demeanor from shy to bold.