Just as a runner trains to run, we must develop a discipline of prayer in order to effectively grow as Christians. As Christians, we have a yearning to pray.

However, for most people prayer is not a natural event in their ever-busy lives. We have numerous opportunities for prayer in our ministry. 

Prayer Room & Email Prayer Team

Come join our ministry praying for the needs inside and outside our church family and establishing a discipline for prayer. Prayer is a celebration of Jesus’ atonement for our sin and connects us to God’s power source for our Christian walk.

You may choose any location or time that suits your schedule and lifestyle. If you are led to pray in church, our Prayer Room is located in the northwest corner of the Plant Street basement under the Sanctuary.

Open to WGFBC/Horizon West members.


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Join us as we pray weekly during the minutes before our services. This corporate prayer time concentrates on glorifying God, strengthening the Holy Spirit’s role, softening hearts to the gospel & binding Satan from the service. 

To participate simply join us at one of the following venues:

Plant Street: 8:00 in the Prayer Room (northwest corner of the basement under the Sanctuary).

Horizon West: 9:30 in the weight room on the south side of the gym. 

Open to WGFBC/Horizon West members.


Congregational Prayer Support

Deacons and church leaders are available at the end of each service at designated areas.

Plant Street: Near the exit doors. 

Horizon West:At the rear of the gym. Look for the Designated Prayer Area banners.

Prayer leadership positions are open to WGFBC/Horizon West Deacons & their wives.

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