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Ken Mann

Horizon West Campus Pastor


407 656 2352



Family & Roots 

My family hails from Rochester, NY on my dad’s side, and Birmingham, AL on my mom’s side. I always thought that was unbelievable how my parents ended up together, having been from two such different parts of the country.  Then I met my wife, Kim, who is from Los Angeles – I was born and raised in Jacksonville, FL!  We have two amazing and hilarious kids, Emily and Carson.  We also have a sweet 80 lb. dog named Buddy that we rescued during COVID who loves sneaking cookies and bread off of the kitchen counter.


My father was the director of a science center who loved knowledge and my mom was a school teacher who had a lot of faith.  Growing up, we attended church on Sundays, but it was mostly just social for me.  I loved playing sports (basketball, football, baseball) and did well in school, so I didn’t feel like I had much time for church and honestly thought I was too smart for it, anyway.  At the beginning of my sophomore year in college, I hit rock bottom and began looking to see if there was any evidence that God even existed, and, if so, what He was really like.  I read through the book of Romans and God used that experience to help me realize that there was a bigger world that I could choose to step into.  Because of my experiences, I can identify with people who discount Christianity and have a negative view of the Church.  The best part for me is that by identifying with people in that mindset, I have been given the opportunity to challenge their objections and extend grace to them so that they might step into God’s family.

More About Me…

 What do I enjoy doing in my spare time? 

Weightlifting, reading, watching sports, and traveling with my family

Favorite places to eat? 

4Rivers BBQ, The Columbia Spanish-American Restaurant (mmmm…), and Chick-fil-A.

Favorite movies? 

Star Wars, Monty Python and the Holy Grail (edited version), and just about any Marvel movie…

Ideal vacation spots? 

Islamorada in the Florida Keys, The Rocky Mountains, North Carolina, and any amusement park with roller coasters!

Hidden talents? 

I like cooking extravagant meals (every once in a while), am a pretty good snow skier, and can eat an entire container of raw chocolate chip cookie dough in one sitting


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