Family & Roots 

My family has its roots in the Deep South of Georgia but I was born in Orlando, FL. My wife and I are vocalists and we have been blessed with two children: Chloe and Sir Carter.


Raised in a church, I always believed that good works would be enough to get me to Heaven and that I needed to be perfect. Then I was invited to a step team rehearsal by some friends when I was in middle school and heard about God’s grace, how our works cannot save us and how Jesus did not come to condemn me for being imperfect but to save me (John 3:16 & 17). I accepted Christ as my Savior in that year in a rehearsal.

More About Me…

What do I enjoy doing in my spare time? 

Playing basketball, writing, and producing songs

Favorite places to eat? 

Grandma’s House & Bella Italia or any good Italian restaurants for that matter…

Favorite movies? 

Coming to America, Frasier(I know it’s a sitcom but I had to list it!), and Sound of Music (Yes I’m still a man…:-)

Ideal vacation spots? 

Disney Resort in my hometown, New York City and Savannah, GA.

Hidden talents? 

I can play the drums, cook really good spaghetti, and impersonate most people I love…

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