We desire to be the first place that parents turn to for resources when it comes to them being the primary person that is discipling teenagers.  We also want to communicate, communicate, communicate, what we are doing as a ministry.


Our church offers our members and attendees free access to RightNow Media, an online church video library. Whether you’re looking to lead a group, sit down with your family, or just learn on your own, RightNow Media allows you to instantly stream teachings on whatever topic you need. With over 15,000 Bible study videos from over 250 leading publishers and ministries, RightNow Media allows you to learn from your phone, tablet, computer or television.  This resource is really great to use to family devotions.  It’s super easy to gather the family and watch a video and then have your own conversation as a family based on the information.

Click here to gain access to Right Now Media.


The following links are podcast from spotify but you can find the same podcast on any platform.

Focus on the Family

Don’t mom alone

Dad tired

Christianity Today

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