High School 


Sunday nights
Downtown Campus (gym)
Each Sunday night high school students from local schools gather together to WORSHIP, GROW, and enjoy COMMUNITY.  Students are led in worship by our student led praise band and our youth pastor Ryan Rouse delivers a relevant message each week.  Each week towards the end of our time we break into smaller groups and students discuss the message and talk about how it can be applied to their lives.
At the end of the night many of our students meet up at a local restaurant for our “restaurant of the night”.  The reason we encourage this is because one of our core values is COMMUNITY.  One way community is strengthened is by enjoying life together and the vast majority of life is lived outside the walls of the church.  Our youth pastor says almost every week in regards to the restaurant “it’s not about the food, it’s about relationships”.
In addition to our weekly gathering we have special events throughout the year specifically for our high school student’s.  Some events are over night events that cost money and some are just day events that are free or very low cost.  We communicate about upcoming events primarily through our social media and texting service.


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