What is Acts 29


Acts 29 students is the student ministry of First Baptist Church of Winter Garden Fl. Our goal is to provide an environment that encourages students to live a life that is pleasing to God.  We believe that God designed us to pursue him in relationship with others that are also pursuing him.  This is what the church is all about!

When we meet?


Middle School


High School


What about the name?


Acts 29 Students was created by our students after studying the books of acts for an entire summer.  The book tells the story of the birth of the church.  The majority of the book describes the conversion of Saul to Paul and then his journeys to spread christianity to cities around the known world.  The book of acts only has 28 chapters.  The reason we call our ministry Acts 29 because we are now living in the 29th chapter.  The church is still spreading, and God is still reaching people, the people and places in this chapter are just different but with the same purpose of spreading and living out the message of the Gospel.

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