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Ways to Give

Thanks to your generosity and through your gifts, God has greatly increased the effectiveness of Winter Garden’s First Baptist Church. You have an opportunity, as at no other time in history, to change our world through God’s Word, one life at a time. That’s why we’re excited to let you know about a new way to give that is quick, easy, and goes with you wherever you go: Online Giving.

Click the button below to give online. You have the option to give a one time gift or to take something off of your weekly Sunday schedule by setting up reoccurring giving. The steps are easy:

1) Put in the amount you want to give.

2) Select the fund you want to give to (select General Fund for tithe)

3) Fill in your email address, click “Give” and follow on screen instructions.

We have 5 giving kiosks located around the church campus. There is one in the main office hallway, one in each stairwell of the main foyer, one in The River (preschool), and one right outside the gymnasium. You can quickly set up an account and give at any of these kiosks. Here’s how:

1) Enter your phone number

2) Enter your name and address

3) Enter the amount to give and selecting credit or debit

4) Swipe your card.

That is it! You are done.

On your next visit to the kiosk you only need to enter your telephone number and then touch your name to begin your transaction. You may also give anonymously and not set up an account, but there will be no contribution credit given for this.

Can I get a receipt for my gift? 

Absolutely! Any of our kiosks can email a receipt to your given email address. If you would like a printed receipt, you will need to use the kiosk in the main office hallway; this kiosk can print a receipt for you on the spot.

Accepted credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express

If you want to give monthly or bimonthly, but can’t seem to keep up with it, automatic draft may be a good option for you. Just like other automatic draft services, this will take your tithe out of your paycheck each month without you needing to go online or write a check.

If you would like to set up an automatic draft, please contact us at 407-656-2352 and ask for the financial secretary to set-up a systematic electronic funds transfer from your checking or savings account.

In addition to our e-Giving service, you also have the ability to make electronic donations via your banking institution’s bill pay service. First Baptist Church will receive 100% of your donation in this way. By establishing First Baptist as a Biller, you can direct your offering to the church via electronic transfer. You may also use this method to send recurring monthly payments to the church. To establish this relationship, visit your bank’s online banking web site and provide the following information:

First Baptist Church, 125 E Plant St., Winter Garden, FL 34787, 407-656-2352

If you have one assigned, please include your offering envelope number in the “Reference” or “Account

Click HERE to register for an account with our church database software called Realm. This will give you access not only to your giving records, but to church events and any groups you are a part of.

If you have questions about online giving or about entering a transaction, please call the Finance and Accounting Office at 407.656.2352.